Some topics of interest in research that I have worked or would like to work together with master's and doctoral students along with recent papers in the literature.


Updated December 2014.


1.     Signal Processing

1.1) Brain Signal Processing - Cowan1988, Lima2012, Hope2012, Shahid2010, Li2014, Lima2013

1.2) Signal Processing Techniques Applied To Dynamical Systems – Candido2014, Soriano2013, Candido2013a, Candido2013b, Eisencraft2010, Eisencraft2008a, Kato2007a


2.     Digital Signal Processing

2.1) Unscented Kalman Filter – Sitz2004

2.2) Compressive Sampling – Cand่s2008, Compresse Sensing Resources


3.     Digital Communications

3.1) Complexity in communication networks – Costamagna2012

3.2) Network Coding – Kaddoum2014


4.     Electrical Engineering

4.1) Signal Processing Techniques for the Smart Grid - Signal Processing Magazine


5.     Signal Analysis

5.1) Neural spike train analysis – Cajigas2012, Tiganj2012, Park2013, Miranda2012, Castellani2012, Sarinho_Filho2011, Rodrigues2011

5.2) Estimation of voice onset time – Lin2011, Das2004


6.     Signal, Image and Video Processing

6.1) Visual Pattern Recognition – Follmann2014


7.     Chaos Theory

7.1) Chaos-based communication systems – Cao2013, Zhao2013, Ren2013, Xu2011, Kaddoum2013, วetinel2010, Feki2003, Kaddoum2014, Williams2001, Candido2014, Fontes2014, Eisencraft2013, Candido2013, Fanganiello2013, Abib2013a, Abib2013b, Eisencraft2012, Eisencraft2011b, Grzybowski2011, Eisencraft2009a

7.2) Chaos-Based Cryptosystems - Alvarez2006, El-Latif2012, Kanso2013, Hassan2012, Nagaraj2012

7.3) Applications in Bioengineering – Barbara2012, Martins2013


8.     Dynamical Systems

8.1) Complex Networks Applied to Signal Processing – Campanharo2011

8.2) Models in Neuronal Dynamics – Ibarz2011, Batista2013, Schmidt2010, Soriano2012, Monteiro2007

8.3) Synchronization in networks – Souza2012, Grzybowski2013, Abib2013, Eisencraft2011a