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. Assistant Professor on the LCS  (Communications and Signals Laboratory) of  PTC (Telecom and Control Engineering Department) in Escola Politécnica (Polytechnic School from USP, University of Sao Paulo - Brazil).

Research Interests:

   Digital Television

   Analog Circuits

   Audio & Video

   Signal Processing


   Signal Acquisition


   Microcontroller Assembly Programming

   Printed Circuits

   Auditory and Visual Perception


Undergraduate Courses


. PTC2547 - Introduction to Digital Television  - Basic concepts on Video and Television systems engineering, covering from auditory and visual perception fundamentals, traditional analog television, cable TV, up to audio/video compression algorithms, digital coding, modulation and transmission for SDTV and HDTV.

. Downloads (Presentations, Software, Exercises) (in portuguese)

PTC2527 - Telecom Graduation Project - Phase I - This is a semester course on which students define the scope of their graduation projects, as well as schedules and other requirements. Some lectures on design techniques, CAD tools, programmable logic and printed circuits design are also given in this course.

. Downloads (Presentations, Software) (in portuguese)

PTC2528 - Telecom Graduation Project - Phase II - In this course the students will implement their graduation projects, following guidelines developed in the precedent semester (in PTC2527). Projects generally consist of  some communications system, sub-sytem or related electronic circuit; can also be a computer program related to Telecommunications.  


Some Projects:


- 100 kHz Spectrum Analyzer - This is a dual-channel spectrum analyzer, with built-in test signal generator (noise and sinewave). It uses two DSP in a master-slave configuration; processed data is sent to a PC by Ethernet interface. Click here to see an image of its PCB.


. BrainNet BNT-36 - This 32-channel EEG equipment uses a DSP for filtering, and has capability to meqasure electrode impedance in real time, without interfering with the exam. Click here to see an image of one of its PCB.

Video Projects - See a "Videowall" (digital video equipment developed originally for Philips, to be used in its stand in an electronics fair in 1987), a B-MAC decoder protype, and other Video related projects. Click here to see an image of a recent Videowall PCB, designed to accept SVGA input.

- 8-Channel Data Acquisition Interface - This is a fully programmable transducer conditioning, amplifier and digitizer board used in a data acquisition system. Click here to see an image of its PCB. 

- Analog Processing Board for Optical Gyro - This board contains laser power supply, temperature control, photodetector amplifier and analog signal processing for an optical fiber gyroscope. Click here to see an image of its PCB. 

Programmable Sound Synthesizer - This musical instrument, developed and built around 1975, operated under computer control (initially by "Ugly Duck", the first brazilian computer, and later by an Hewlett-Packard HP-21MX minicomputer). Audio waveforms were digitally generated.



2008 - Doctor in Electrical Engineering - Polythecnic School - Thesis: "Fourier Transform Time Interleaving".

2000 - Master in Electrical Engineering - Polythecnic School - Thesis: "Video Compression Applied to Medical Images".

1980 - Graduation: Electrical Engineer, Polythecnic School - University of Sao Paulo.




Stolfi, Guido; Campos, Geraldo Lino de. data Compression Methods Applied to Medical Images. São Paulo, 2000. 86 p. (Master Degree) - PTC.

Papers and Presentations

Stolfi, Guido, Baccalá, L.A.: "Fourier Transform Time Interleaving in OFDM Modulation" - In: ISSSTA'06 (International Symposium on Spread Spectrum Techniques and Applications - Manaus, 08/2006).

 "Two-way serial communication over a single optical fiber" - In: Electronics World, Aug/2004, "Circuit Ideas" Section.

Stolfi, Guido. Auditory Perception and Engineering. In: Multidisciplinar Symposium on Auditory Perception and Signal Processing, 1. São Paulo, 2002, EPUSP/LCS.

Stolfi, Guido. High Definition Television. (Tutorial) - Telexpo 2002. São Paulo, 18/03/2002.

Realli Costa, Anna Helena; Pegoraro, R; Stolfi, Guido; Sichman, Jaime S.; Ferasoli Filho, Humberto. Guarana robot-soccer team: some architectural issues. In: Simpósio Brasileiro de Automação Inteligente, 4. São Paulo, 1999. SBAI 4: anais São Paulo : EPUSP/SBA, 1999.p. 457-462. 

Reali Costa, Anna Helena; Pegoraro, R.; Stolfi, Guido; Sichman, Jaime S.; Pait, Felipe Miguel; Ferasoli Filho, Humberto. GUARANÁ robot-soccer team: some architectural issues. In: FIRA Robot World Cup France 98,. 1998, Paris. FIRA 98: Proceedings. Paris : FIRA, 1999.p. 43-49. 

Jeszensky, Paul Jean Etienne; Stolfi, Guido. CDMA systems sequences optimization by simulated annealing. In: IEEE International Symposium on Spread Spectrum Techniques & Applications, 5. Sun City, 1998. Proceedings. Piscataway : IEEE, 1998.v. 1, p. 38-40. 

Stolfi, Guido. Digital Television - an Introduction. Presentation under  "Digital Solutions" panel, Brasil Link '97 Symposium. Rio de Janeiro, 26/05/97
Stolfi, Guido. The Polytechnic School. Apresentação interna para setor de Comunicações Móveis da Motorola. Chicago, 28/02/97

Gonzalez Martinez, A A; Stolfi, Guido; Jeszensky, Paul Jean Etienne. A code sequence selection method for CDMA systems.  In: Brazilian Telecommunications Symposium. Recife, 1997. SBTr, 1997.p.381-384. 

Stolfi, Guido. Video Modulation by Analog Components Multiplexing - The B-MAC System. Globo TV technical symposium. Ubatuba, 1991

Stolfi, Guido. Principles of Digital Communications. Globo TV technical symposium. Rio de Janeiro, 1990.

Guido Stolfi
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