A Collection of Neural Connectivity Websites  


    Here you find a brief (and alas incomplete) list of websites, besides those mentioned in the book, that also contain connectivity inference related material.  
    Whereas we neither endorse nor recommend the sites listed here, we think their inclusion complements the book's subject matter and, in some cases, offer complementary vistas, whose inclusion in the book's first edition was not possible.  
    Please feel free to contact us if you think your contribution in the form of software tools for connectivity analysis should be included here.  

  As mentioned in the book, please try and experiment for yourself and learn what best suits your needs.  
    We hope to expand this list in the future.  
    Your help is therefore appreciated.  
    Let us know.  

Methods in Brain Connectivity Inference (book)
SPM - a long well established set of tools for signal neural processing
EEGLab - a popular and general software package for EEG related computation and its connectivity toolbox

FieldTrip - a competitive software environment for Neural Data Processing

    GCCA - A toolbox for neural connectivity computations based on time domain Granger causality  
    The BioSig Project